Ефим Шабшай, Галина Шабшай "Как развить в ребенке харизму и гениальность"

How to develop charisma and genius in your child


For whom?

Did you happen to wonder how your child thinks? What talent does he/she have? Do you want him/her to be a leader, have charismatic personality? Do you dream about your child becoming a genius? And what about a successful and happy genius?

If the most answers are “yes”, this book is for you.

This book is answers the following questions
  • What is the individual charisma of your child? Which talents does he/she have?
  • How to develop his/her genius?
  • How to help him/her become successful and happy?
  • How to teach him/her to communicate easily with any person?
And other questions
  • How to choose friends?
  • How to develop healthy habits?
  • How to learn to think for yourself and act?
  • How to make right choices and decisions?