Ефим Шабшай, Галина Шабшай "Типы тела - типы мышления"

Body types – mind sets


This book is:

  • Universal tool in communications between people
  • Quick training method of 10 effective thinking types
  • Keys to your genius

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This book answers the following questions
  • How to discover your talents?
  • How to monetize your talent?
  • How to learn to communicate with unbearable people in an efficient manner?
  • How to negotiate with any person quickly and easy?
  • How to understand the causes of your actions?
  • How to develop necessary habits in a short period of time?
  • How to open the possibilities of your mind?
  • How to enhance your development in a short period of time?
  • How to define strengths and weaknesses of human nature at a glance?
  • How to build an effective team?
  • How to find the ideal partner?
  • How to make an offer that is hard to resist?
Audience of this book
  • Managers of companies, departments, projects, group leaders
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs
  • HR professionals
  • Coaches, consultants
  • Marketing experts
  • Those who interested in self-development and personal growth
  • Those wanting to be a good parent or a good partner
  • Those wanting to be efficient and keep up with the times